Witnessed Workers’ Comp Fraud?

Witnessed Workers’ Comp Fraud?

Report it!


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How to identify Workers’ Compensation Fraud. Workers’ Compensation Fraud can take many forms, here are just a few:

  • Hurt off the job. Workers get injured off the job, but say they’re hurt at work so their workers comp policy covers the medical bills.

  • Inflated injuries. A worker has a fairly minor job injury – maybe a slight twinge in her lower back — but insists her back is seriously sprained. This lets the worker collect more workers comp money and stay off the job longer.

  • Fake injuries. Worker simply invents injury. Soft-tissue injuries such as muscle problems with the back and neck are popular scams. They’re hard to disprove, and thus are easier to get away with.

  • Old injury. Worker with an old injury that never quite healed will claim they just got hurt on the job.

  • Malingering. Staying at home longer by pretending you’re still disabled, even though you’ve healed enough to return to work.

  • Working while collecting disability. Worker that collects disability benefits while secretly working for another employer.


At Excelsure Insurance we take fraudulent workers’ compensation claims very seriously. As your partner, we work tirelessly to pursue employees who file fraudulent workers’ compensation claims. When fraud occurs you can be sure you have an aggressive partner in your corner.

Here are a few tips for preventing fraud:

  • Build partnerships with employees. Create a safety program. Listen to employee complaints. Correct safety problems now. Show you care about good working conditions.

  • Zero tolerance. Inform employees that your company has zero tolerance for fraud. Scams cheat their company — and threaten their jobs.

  • Check job applicants carefully. Criminal backgrounds and a history of suspicious injury claims can be good predictors of potential fraud.

  • Report accidents. Require workers to report all job accidents immediately — and get them treatment promptly.

  • Report fraud. Show workers how to report suspected fraud confidentially. Prominently place your insurer’s fraud hotline number around the workplace, but don’t go overboard. Honest workers may find it offensive if all workers comp claims are treated with suspicion.

  • Alert your insurer. Let your insurance company know about suspicious claims immediately. Encourage active investigation of suspect claims.

  • Provide procedures. Give employees written safety and anti-fraud policies & procedures.

  • Reward fraud tips. Consider an employee reward program for reporting suspicious claims that lead to conviction.

  • Know the warning signals. Employers should know the warning signals of suspicious claims.

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