This is our story

Our beginning was inspired by the Spirit of Entrepreneurship. In 2005, this spirit consumed our founders, Solomon Williams and Mark Habibeh. They knew there was a way to provide better service to the business owners of California and decided there was no better way than to take matters into their own hands. Their dream was to protect the Spirit of Entrepreneurship by providing insurance solutions to business owners throughout California. These aspirational entrepreneurs opened shop in a 300-square foot loft of a warehouse and got to work building the dream. Their endless passion for protecting the Entrepreneurial Spirit fought through the recession of 2008 and continued to grow despite the anchor of economic stagnation that followed.

In 2013, Solomon and Mark began to see some of their clients go out of business due an epidemic of fraudulent activity that began infecting the California insurance market. As business owners themselves, they considered this a direct attack to the Spirit of Entrepreneurship. They understood how devastating this could be for the future of businesses in California and began pouring endless hours and resources into developing a program to protect their clients. As this program became more and more effective, they realized the value this program could bring to other businesses. This mission has become the reason why Excelsure exists; to empower business owners and to forever protect the Spirit of Entrepreneurship.

Our Culture