Workers' Compensation Fraud:

California business owners are plagued by a new epidemic; fraudulent workers' compensation claims are impacting premiums across the state and causing businesses to suffer greatly. Our team of experts fights on your behalf to detect, deny and deter fraud from impacting your organization.

Claim Management:

We take an active role in the management of your claims. Our Loss Control Team is committed to assuring you receive prompt and fair treatment for any claim. We are here to make the phone calls, send the emails and track down information which otherwise would consume your time and productivity. Our experts engage in proactive conversations with your claim adjusters in order to develop focused strategies and move claims swiftly toward closure.

Loss Control:

Our loss control strategies consist of utilizing certain policies and procedures as a proactive defense on your behalf. Safety Meetings, Return to Work programs, Drug Testing Policies, Employee Handbooks, Fleet Safety Policies; you name it, we've got it. Our team takes it one step further and will walk you through each step as we integrate these programs into your organization.

File A Claim:

Accidents happen and we will be here for you every step of the way. Please contact us immediately if you experience a loss of any kind, or if you have any suspicion of fraudulent activity.

Important Documents And Claim Forms: